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In honor of our 10 year anniversary, we are proud of this tribute keychain for our NEVER GIVE UP! series that involves inspirations that we use everyday to motivate us these past 10 years and beyond.

"Never Give Up!," which was coined by Mazda Japan in 2011 to inspire the people of Japan to not give up from the tragedies of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami that greatly affected many. It has since been seen on the Mazda 787b/767b, which embodies Mazda's strive to never give up since the creation of Mazda's circuit race cars.

"Never Give Up!" is more than just a phrase and has helped inspire us to never give up on our builds and dreams, and to strive to overcome any challenge we face.

The keychain is made out of clear acrylic with reflective white lettering and holographic finish on both sides. Keychain is about 3" inches in size with a silver star clip.

Item sold individually.
This is one (1) keychain.

Shipped to anywhere in the world.

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